Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Apple a Day!

Wow - It's been quite a week of bring me up to speed in a technological way. I've resisted getting a smart phone. I kept telling myself, and the world, that I didn't really need one. And then finally we decided to get me a smart phone for my birthday and I spent a month trying to decide which one. You can't rush these things!

So two weeks ago I decided to buy an iPhone and ordered it to arrive in time for my birthday. How exciting! At last I was going be up with the times. And the very next day I received an email to say I had won a competition and they were going to be sending me an iPad2! Wow and Double Wow! Entering competitions has long been a hobby of mine. I won a bathroom once!!

Not only was I catching up with technology but technology was catching up with me. So in the last week I have been learning how to use my new phone - although had used Glenn's many times - and now I'm wondering how I lived without it??? Why did I wait so long? The iPad2 arrived on Wednesday so I left it charging while I went to work and later on Wednesday I started to play around it with too. Added some fun apps that the kids like to play and put some of my favourite music on it.

So in one week I have gone from a novice to an expert in smart technology (well on the way anyway!).

It certainly has been an Apple theme in the last week - including The Beatles on Abbey Road (Apple Label).
Think I might go and make some Apple Muffins :)

And the most fun thing this week has been playing with the Photo Booth App on the iPad2. You can take a photo of yourself with various wacky effects. We took pictures of each other trying out the eight different effects with hilarious results. Some of the photos are truly out there! I've had to delete them in case they end up somewhere like Facebook!

I ended up laughing so hard that I cried. Tears of pure joy! And that hasn't happened much this year. Lots of tears this year - most not happy ones. So it felt SO good to laugh. Must do that more often!

If you need to laugh - come around and I'll take your photo in Photo Booth! Laughter is the best medicine - you know what they say about an Apple a day :)

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