Monday, August 6, 2012

Educating Anthea in the Art of Blogging

My Niece Jenny is teaching me how to do more with my blogging. She is an amazing blogger - check her out   here! I have loved watching how her blog posts have become more innovative and I never miss her Wardrobe Wednesday and how to mix and match clothes you already have, to create new looks. I really missed it one week, when Jen was unable to post a Wardrobe Wednesday (I can hardly complain as she was visiting us all here in Christchurch).
The best part about following Jen's blog is being able to watch my Great-Nephew and Niece - Noah and Isabelle - grow up. Even though they live in Hastings and I just met Isabelle for the first time last month, it felt like I had always known her as I vicariously have watched her grow and blossom!
Isn't it great to always be able to learn something new - And Jenny is an amazing teacher and a wonderful mother, as you can see in her blog!
Thanks Jen - for educating your Aunty!! xx

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  1. Shucks, thanks for the mention Auntie Anthea! And excellent links you are a good student! he he! xox Jen