Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rebuilding Christchurch by Dancing (and Singing)

I think, in our own way, all of us who live in Christchurch are doing our bit to rebuild our City. Whether it's checking in on our neighbours after a sizeable after shock or dumping of snow, or contributing to the Share an Idea for our city plan. Or even just committing to stay in Christchurch is an important part of rebuilding it. We need people to be living here as we rebuild our lives and the Government and Council rebuild our infrastucture! (Not sure the Government will spend money on us if no-one is planning to live here)

I wanted to be doing something specifically directed at helping Christchurch recover and move forward and so I jumped at the chance to join the Rebuild Christchurch Foundation. I came on as the Acting Chair in September 2011. I talked about Rebuild Christchurch in this post :)

On July 12th 2012, I officially became a Trustee. And at the AGM on Tuesday 24th July I officially became the Chair of the Board. What a proud moment! It's so amazing to part of a dedicated Team that puts the needs of the people of Christchurch at the forefront of their mission.

The Foundation has been on the ground helping those who need it most post quakes. It feels so good to be able to do something to help those most badly affected, when we have got off relatively lightly.

Last year we launched Project Christmas - This was what happened in our garage!
It was so much fun to organise and there was plenty of laughter and a few tears. I visited a family who had lost a family member in the February 2011 quake. I told my daughter Olivia that there might tears, and there were - they were mine!

We have started planning Project Christmas 2012 and to raise funds we are having a Dance and Charity Auction in October. Please think about coming along! And tell your friends to pass it on. Tickets available here! And I'll see you there :)

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