Monday, November 26, 2012

A letter I needed to write but will never send

Dear Tenancy Manager Lady,

Thank you so much for showing me the error of my ways. Without you I never would have realised where I was going wrong.
I thought that being a busy mother of 5, a supportive wife, volunteering for 2 charitable trusts, having 2 part time jobs and keeping my home fairly tidy would be considered doing okay!
WRONG! I am obviously supposed to be a domestic goddess too.

You told me when you came to inspect the house the first two times that the "house looked wonderful and it didn't need to be perfect"
WRONG AGAIN. The last time you came it wasn't perfect. Thanks for the list of 10 things I need to improve on.
The Property Manager seemed very happy when he came back 10 days later even though I had only done 3 of the things on the list.

Because of my experiences this year I have learnt the following:

- I never ever want to be in the position of not living in my own home ever again
- It ticks me off having a complete stranger poking through my bathroom cupboard
- That in property management, reasonably tidy means PERFECT
- That I never want the sort of job you have, where you go into someones home and look for people's shortcomings
- I didn't realise that property management included parenting advice
- That I know that I am not a very tidy person and actually that's who I am and I would rather give my time to other people than live in a show home!

So thanks for the education. I've learnt a lot this year.

Kind regards

P.S. I will be the judge of what is an acceptable time of day for my teenagers to get out of bed.
P.P.S. Sorry - sarcasm runs in my family :)

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  1. Ouch. Nasty property manager hit a nerve. To hell with them. Soon you'll be the master of your own home again (fingers crossed for the deadline P T for you). Brent