Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 48

Day 48 - Today I am forever grateful that I had the most amazing Mother. Today would have been Mum's 84th birthday. It felt very strange not to be celebrating with her. After all I have been doing that for 46 years!
Most years Mum and I went out for lunch on her actual birthday. For many years we went to Ballantynes and our last trip there was to the Dilmah Tea House on February 17th 2011. Last Year Simon and I took her out to Oxford to Jo Seagers for lunch.
This year Kirsten, Olivia and I went to Ballantynes for lunch because as we couldn't celebrate with her, we celebrated for her! We even had her birthday number as our table number!

And today was another reason for celebration! Matthew started his new career, his first job after finishing his honours degree! He's working for Cerebral Fix, a game development company in the Epic Centre here in Christchurch.

I think it's pretty special that he started work today on Grans birthday! Maybe it's wishful thinking but I wonder if Matt's guardian angel is watching out for him! Mum called him her handsome prince (she also called him the absent minded professor from a young age) Matt was always destined for great things.

This is Matt, Mum and Me 21 years ago!
(Note the matching brown eyes!)

Tonight I am indeed grateful for many things :) x

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