Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 51

Day 51 - Today I am very grateful for the gestures of help from different friends today. Thank you to my friend Maria for picking me up to go out to a womens seminar late this afternoon, was so nice to be driven and be able to have a wine or two!
Also we have our friends, The Springers, staying from Nelson for 3 nights. I go out and then come home to washing out, washing in and folded. The dishwasher stacked and set off, the dishwasher unstacked. Dinner ready! Hot chocolate made for us! What a treat. Then tonight Joanne, Nathan, Matt and I went and borrowed a trailer and went via Mums house and picked up all her heavy garden pots. A job I was dreading doing. The saying many hands make light work is indeed very true :)

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