Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 54

Day 54 - Today I am grateful to the woman who came to pick up two Trade Me sales from Mums and did some extra "shopping". A lovely Irish lass turned up at Mums place to collect her iron and step ladder. I invited her to help herself to items that we haven't shared out or sold at the garage sale or Trade Me! She was reluctant at first but soon got into having a good look through what was there and ended up filling her car! So much so she said to me that she didn't have room for the stepladder! But we managed to squeeze it in - just! 
One of the main things she took was gifts Mum and Dad had received from their Home Hosting visitors from Japan. This lovely woman is a preschool teacher and her preschool is doing a project on Asian Culture. All her preschoolers will be able to have an authentic Japanese item. I think Mum would be really thrilled about that :)

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