Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 58

Day 58 - Today I am grateful that Mums house is all cleaned and empty ready for the new owners tomorrow! Mum apologised to me a couple of months before she died about how big the job would be to clear her things when she was no longer here. And it has been somewhat big. Especially the last two weeks since we pretty much knew the house was sold. 
Today Simon and I took the remaining furniture to the auction house, finished cleaning the house and took the rubbish to the dump. The family all took quite a few bits and pieces of furniture and other things, but over the last 10 days I was able to gift, sell, giveaway and recycle everything else. I was determined that none of Mums things would be dumped and I'm thrilled to say that all we dumped today was rubbish! 

I closed the door at Mums place for the last time and I picked this rose as I said goodbye to Mums last home :)

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