Saturday, July 5, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 186

Day 186 - Today I was very grateful to unpack and discover some things I packed in December 2011. We got a lot unpacked today and I was thrilled to completely unpack my scrapbooking collection today that I packed when we left Aorangi Road. I was also so grateful to catch up with an old friend Jan who is moving to Brisbane. It's awhile since I've  seen her and it was such a surprise to find her at my door! I'm so glad we caught up before she left and she's invited us to come over to stay!
Livvy and I were so pleased to visit Ellie Springer in hospital this morning and see her looking so well and smiley! It's easy to be grateful when you see your friends child has come through an operation so well :)

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