Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 223

Day 223 - Today I am forever grateful for the amazing acting talents and the heart for people that embodied actor Robin Williams.
Right the first moment I saw him as Mork from Ork, I was capitivated by his extraordinary uniqueness. Throughout the years I have laughed till my sides ached and been moved to tears but tonight my heart cries for him and his family. My favourite Robin Williams film was undoubtedly Good Morning Vietnam. The first 20 mins were mesmerising, even more so for me later when I learned most of it was ad libbed. He was a genius, and sadly a tortured one. I feel so sad that he was so desperate in his depression that he felt he had to end his life. The next time I watch one of his movies will no doubt be bittersweet.
God Bless you Robin, may you rest in peace xx

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