Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Gratitude Journal - Day 149

Day 149 - Today I am so grateful to have known my friend Natalie Souness.

Natalie passed away early this morning after a short battle with a rare form of Thyroid Cancer. I met Natalie when I was working on the Mary Kay stand at the Christchurch A&P show. She joined my team and was one of my consultants when I was a Mary Kay Sales Director. Nat lived in the Catlins then and we would often have long conversations on the phone talking a little about Mary Kay and a lot about Christianity and Politics! She was an extremely creative person , especially with felt. Natalie's circumstances changed and she left Mary Kay but we became Facebook buddies and would often chat. I have watched as she battled this cancer with temerity and positivity. It was a shock to see that today she left this world. I was talking to her on Facebook on Tuesday. She had hoped to come to RISE, but just wasn't well enough.
My heart does out to her daughters Ashley and Melissa. Too young to lose their beautiful Mum <3
Rest easy Natalie - it was a privilege to know you xx

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